Sunday, April 05, 2009

Fabulous Class at BeadFX Today!

I just arrived home from another super class teaching wire bead crochet to 10 wonderful women. Lydia, Joy, Kelly and Toni all came to my earrings class last Saturday morning and Kelly and Toni stayed for the crochet cuff bracelet. From what they told me they have been making earrings like crazy. Although Kelly and Toni didn't finish the cuff in class, they went home and completed them. Toni even added a beautiful cabochon the centre of hers - what a showstopper bracelet.

No pics though - the Dixon Chick forgot her camera! BAD~! If you gals take pictures of what you made - please send them to me!

Today, in addition to Lydia, Joy, Kelly and Toni, I was joined for an afternoon of fun by Michelle, Teresa, Rosemarie, Liana, Shameen and Caryl. It's funny how each class is completely different. Today's gang were very intrigued by the lampwork focal pendants and small rounds that I used in some of my pieces. Instead of just the regular wrap around the clasp, half of them added lampworked beads to the ends before the clasp. Liana and Rosemarie added in hanging focal pendants - one lampwork and one sliced blue agate. FABULOUS!

Everyone seemed to have a great time. It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for - right Teresa??? As guaranteed, she finished the class in the alloted time - literally with seconds to spare. I knew she could do it!!! She is now hooked! She bought two more kits and is so excited to get home to make more. In fact, another 10 kits went flying out the door!

I am so glad everyone had such a great time. I know I did. And of course, Declan did too. Thanks to Erin for entertaining him.

And Marg - thanks for the cashews!!!! woo hoo!

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