Friday, April 10, 2009

UFO Night

Wednesday night was UFO Night with the Toronto Bead Society. UFO? Un-Finished Objects. It's a night where you have access to experts who can help you finish a project you are having difficulty with, or you have a chance to learn something new.

Although I am usually an instructor at these types of events, I wanted to learn too! So when I saw that Sonya Elliott was teaching how to use the Coiling Gizmo, I signed up immediately.

Sonya and I joke that we are sisters in law. Her husband is Jim Elliott and my fiancee is Tim Elliott. Sonya is super talented and shares her love of all things beading with anyone who walks into Bead Junction where she works.

She demoed the Coiling Gizmo and while doing it, I literally gasped as I saw a beaded coil come together. You know I love wire.... so to see it used in this way - was for me, earth shattering - LOVE IT!!! Of course, have a new tool is always fun too!
We made coiled beads with size 8 or smaller beads. Of course, mine weren't quite 8's but neither were they 6's - must have been 7's!! Then we loaded the coiled beads onto memory wire bracelet form and put a bead in between each coiled unit. I used some Swarovski cubes that my dear friend Laura Timmons sent me.

If only I had known about this last week, BeadFX's Celebrity Designer Inspiration Challenge would have been a piece of cake. Bring on the seedbeads, I say - I can handle them now.

Declan came with me to this UFO night - his first TBS meeting. Although he with me at all the shows volunteering, he never had actually made it a meeting. He was there to work with Marilyn Gardiner. He brought his chain maille pieces and she was quite pleased. She taught him about aspect ratio and other arcane goodies.
A good night all around!

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