Monday, May 11, 2009

Rings on her Fingers

So you want to make a ring?
Feel the need to ramp up your bling factor?
Have I got a class for you!

On Saturday, May 9, I taught the inaugural Bling Rings class at bead FX. Six wonderful ladies braved the hail storms to join me in a very organic class. Congratulations to all who attended for the rings you made were INCREDIBLE. I had no idea what to expect as I know I like to go a little crazy with the ring wire work - but these ladies - nay - artistes - took it to a whole other level!
It's a two hour class - and I figured that MAYBE....time permitting - they could make 3 rings. Well, well, well! At last count there were 23 rings done by 6 women. YOWZA!

The class started with creating a sample ring with no beads to determine appropriate size and to understand the shape of the ring and the wire wrapping.

The first ring was done with glass beads - all sorts of czech firepolish, tiny flats - well too many choices to write down. The second ring incorporated semi-precious beads. And the third ring - well that was made with Swarovski's!!

Congrats to all the ladies (Deborah, Ana, Beth, Heidi, Helen and Cathy) for their great work. A special shout out to Beth and Cathy - who claim to be very symmetrical in their designs - who really stretched outside their creative box. I knew you could do it!

Next Bling Ring Extravaganza:
Sun. May 31, 11:30-1:30: Bling Rings at Bead Junction
followed by
Sun. June 14, 11-1: Bling Rings at beadFX
update: Here is some positive feedback I received from Ana:
Hi Stephanie,

THANKS for a great class! I love the rings I made and so do my teenage girls (which as you can imagine are sooo hard to please). My 16 year old has actually "borrowed" two of my rings and got huge compliments from her friends.

Your class was a lot of fun and you have a great sense of humour. I look forward to taking another class of yours sometime soon.

- Ana


  1. OMG - they're gorgeous!!! How much does a priceless class cost these days?

  2. Thanks, Wannietta! The class registration fee is $30 and the kit fee is $30. A bargain for all the beads and wire and me of course!