Friday, June 26, 2009

Where will you be tomorrow?

This is where I will be!
Our pool opens tomorrow at 11:00 am and you can bet that Declan and I will be first in line.
It's odd to see a picture of the pool and deck without any chairs, towels and people lounging around. Having a pool has got to be one of the best amenities an apartment can have - and an outdoor one at that!
I love to swim! And so does Declan - they call him Shark Boy!
Growing up on the West Island of Montreal, my sisters and I spent all summer at the pool. We would hop on our bikes, towels wrapped around our shoulders and head out en masse to the pool. My sister Laurie and I were the most involved of all the Dixon Chicks: swim team, synchro, waterpolo, diving - we did it all - oh and there were the swimming lessons too! I remember that Wednesday nights were Meet Night and that we would be at the pool from dawn until past dark.
Those were the days!!!

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  1. Awesome - I'll be lounging on my loveseat, knitting st st swatches, watching Wimbledon & season 6 of 24.