Monday, August 17, 2009

Harvest Moon Fairy

Harvest Moon Fairy
by Stephanie Dixon
These were the beads that I was given to use in my challenge.
I used this trio of wires to create the inspiration. Every since I saw these trios, I knew that I would have to use them. The colours are so lush. See the beadFX website for more.

A beautiful Tierra Cast toggle clasp available from beadFX.

A little fairy!

From the beadFX Celebrity Designer Inspiration Challenge
written by Dwyn

This design challenge was all about the colour - intense orange with a splash of ivory. Some of those vibrant orange beads were some very funky vintage beads with two holes. I think it is cool that Steph ran with those and used them to enhance a multi-strand design that uses the Trios softflex to work with the colours in the necklace.

Another idea would be to choose softflex that is a completely contrasting colour. The moon face beads are lovely and really do suggest things like mystical harvest moons.

The necklace is three strands - and is about 24 inches long. The centre piece consists of a copper leaf, with 3 raspberries hung at three lengths (the longest about 1.5 inches) on softflex in front, flanked by a red cheerio on either side with a moon face hanging from it by a headpin. The fairy hangs directly from the softflex by a jumpring.
For more inspirations from the VERY talented team at beadFX and my fellow designer, Cynthia Fawcett, please follow this link:

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