Sunday, February 28, 2010

It was on my finger....

Lark Publishing has sent out a call for submissions for a new book they are producing called 30 Minute Rings. I'm certainly going to enter a whole smorgasbord of designs because I am the Queen of 30 minute rings. I am not one to boast lightly (yeah right!) but I have many people who can attest to this. I have been teaching The Dixon Chick's Bling Ring for about two years with great success.

I've taught this at beadFX, Bead Junction and at the Toronto Bead Society's techniques night. As mentioned in a previous blog, I went to Fabricland to pick up some buttons to use in my rings. I made a bunch up and wore one to my local pub, The Congress, to watch the Canada vs USA hockey game. I wasn't there for ten minutes and it was sold right off my finger!! Guess that design was a success!!!

I'll make another one to post to show you.

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