Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sharing The Love

As I mentioned in my last blog, my son Declan was out of commission for five days with cold and flu symptoms. He missed school on Monday and Tuesday but luckily his dad's job is very flexible and he was able to stay home to look after him most of the time. I dealt with mother's guilt and went to work.

Well, after coughing through Monday and Tuesday to the delight of my colleagues, today it laid me out. I was coughing so hard it was difficult to catch my breath. It felt like my chest was imploding. I went to the doctor and as he was examining me he made me laugh, which immediately threw me into a coughing fit. It was a mixed blessing as it hurt like hell but at least he knew what I dealing with. He gave a prescription with a big warning: I was not to drive or operate machinery as it will, not might, cause drowsiness and will make me constipated.

Great! I fully expect to fall asleep on the potty! To add insult to injury, the cough syrup cost $61!!!!

So all the snuggling on the couch taking care of Declan, sharing the love, has it's price!!

From My brother in law's wedding four years ago

Declan's first day home from the hospital. Having a beer to help milk production.

Wouldn't you snuggle too?

Self portrait taken at Blue Jays Stitch n' Pitch summer 2009

At the hockey hall of fame with the Stanley Cup. 2008

My snuggle bunny

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