Thursday, July 22, 2010

Marcia De Coster Hits Toronto

Marcia De Coster is in town teaching at beadFX before heading to Beads of Colour in Dundas. I am a huge fan of Marcia's beautiful bead work. Her use of shape and colour just amaze me. Those who know me, know I don't really do little beads, but Marcia has inspired me branch out into the realm of little beads. I've started creating right angle weave rings that I embellish with an "I don't know what you call it" weave. Marcia was happy to see me really try my hand at it and offered some suggestions when I hooked up with her at beadFX last night.

Marcia, Marg and I went out to dinner at Amaya on Bayview, a wonderful Indian restaurant. I don't know much about Indian food, but the prix fixe menu made choosing easy. I ended up having the Butter Chicken. Yummy!!!

In the bead world, there are some people you connect with right off the bat. That's what happened to Marcia and I last year at Bead and Button thanks to Rachel. Marcia and I also love to knit and drool over pretty yarn. It was great to spend time with Marcia. I treasure all the time I get spend with my far away friends.

MAD and SAD (My initials!)

Marg and Marcia

The ring I made with 4mm crystal pearls, 3mm and 4mm crystals and size 15s!!!

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