Monday, August 16, 2010

Sabine Lippert

Congratulations to Sabine Lippert of Germany in becoming a Create Your Style Ambassador for Swarovski! I was lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time with Sabine in Milwaukee at the 2010 Bead and Button. She had just signed her contract and so her status had not been officially announced yet. I don't think her feet actually touched the ground the whole time!! I'm honoured to be a peer of such fabulous artisans like Miss Sabine.

Her area of expertise could not be more different than mine. She creates the most phenomenal pieces using Swarovski crystals, Czech fire polish and seed beads. I learned something new today.

Rocailles is an interchangeable term with seed bead. How do I know this? I bought one of Sabine's patterns and headed to beadFX to pick up the beads required. Thank you, Rosemary for the beaducation!

I'm so in love with Sabine's patterns. Although I'm infamous for instant gratification, I think I'm going to learn great patience from working with teeny tiny beads. Like Margot Potter, I'm an impatient beader.

Please visit Sabine's website:

She also has an Etsy website of the same name.

The Sheherazade Ring
This is what I'll be trying to make using lavender, cobalt blue and silvers. We'll see how it turns out. Stay tuned but don't expect it to be finished for awhile. Sabine thinks I should be able to make this. I'm glad someone believes in me!

Dixon Chick out!

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  1. i got to meet her too!! shes the cutest lil lady! Luv Her!!