Friday, September 24, 2010

Dangerous Daggers Found at John Bead!!!

Beige Opal Vitrail and Beige Opal Vitrail Matte

Topaz Silk Vitrail

Black Vitrail and Black Vitrail Matte

Yes, it's true! John Bead has an extraordinary assortment of Czech glass dagger beads!

Why are they dangerous, you ask?

Just look at the colours of the new arrivals and tell me which ONE is your favourite....

It is impossible to choose just one!

That's why they are dangerous daggers - you will want to buy them all!

These beautiful daggers are 17x7mm.

Contact your local bead store and beg them to carry these scrumptious beads available from Toronto's very own, John Bead Corporation.

All photos courtesy of John Bead Corporation.


  1. They look great!!!!!!

  2. Found some today, always manage to find something unique and creative inspiring
    do tend to overspend, but hey someone's got to get the economy going!

  3. OMG - I haven't been to JB in ages. Dangerous because you're buying in bulk; it's like going to Costco on a No Frills budget!! LOL

  4. Beautiful!! Thanks for telling us about them!

    I'm gonna be talking about you tomorrow over on my blog....
    My Mad World