Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Art Therapy

When the stress of life becomes too much, it's good to turn to a hobby you enjoy. Let the negativity of the world slip away as you tap into the creative flow of the universe.

I find solace in painting. I definitely have my own style. It makes me slow down and stop for a moment. Okay, I actually slow down for hours. Or speed up for hours, depending on my frame of mind when I start.

The combining of colours and textures is very calming. To see each piece take form is very satisfying. To have others like my work is gratifying. I paint for me. It's the process I love.

What is your therapy?

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  1. These are beautiful Stephanie! You are so talented. My therapy is singing. I prefer the genre of jazz standards and swing music (think Michael Buble) but for some reason I have ended up singing classic and new rock cover tunes in not one but two bands: ShAk'n (in SK) and Swimming to Vegas (in ON). I love working hard with the guys in both bands to learn a song and put it together and then jamming it so well that I lose myself in it.

  2. A woman of many talents, you are. Very pretty and soothing pictures. My therapy is crafting--doesn't matter what. Beading takes me to the quiet places as does counted cross stitch because you have to concentrate and the world disappears for a while. Knitting or crocheting soothes with its repetition. The hands are busy so the brain can mull and process. And a full tank of gas and the open road with the radio blasting is excellent as well

  3. These are beautiful Stephanie!! You are so talented.. I would say my therapy is walking, crocheting, or listening to music.. I especially like soft Christmas music.. I know, it's kind of dumb to listen to it during the year, but that's what calmes me and gets me in a good place!!