Sunday, December 19, 2010

Breast Cancer Mittens

I was in Hallmark yesterday picking up a Tasmanian Devil tree ornament for Tim as I do every year when one is offered. As I was paying I noticed a display of pink mittens near the cash. Those of you who play baseball with me, know my affinity to this colour. I have pink cleats, pink shin pads, a pink ball bag and an assortment of pink accessories. They call me Pinkie!

Well I grabbed those mittens quickly. When I picked them up I noticed that there is a pink ribbon embroidered into them.

Here is the text from the tag that was attached to them:

Join Hands...The Pink Mitten Campaign.

Celebrate breast cancer survivors and demonstrate your support for the cause.

Each year, thousands of Canadians are touched by breast cancer. It not only impacts the individuals living with the disease, but their families, friends and loved ones. With the purchase of each pair of mittens, $1 will be contributed by Kootenay Knit & Apparel to support funding relevant breast cancer research, as well as education and awareness programs across the country. (in support of Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation)

The mittens are only $10 and they are hoping to raise $2,500,000.

So, of course I bought a pair. But I bought them for more than the reasons listed above. If you look at the blogs I follow, you'll see What Wannietta Knitting Today? She is currently having a mitten mania. She's knitting up a storm of them for her daughter. I emailed Wannietta to say I would like to make mittens too. She didn't even curse at me because mine will be crocheted!! You may also read on her blog about her trials dealing with Breast Cancer.

So I bought the mittens to really show my support for Wannietta. I think you should buy a pair too. Visit your local Hallmark Store.

Wannietta, this blog's for you.

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  1. They're awesome!!! I'm a big fan of Hallmark, "when you care enough to give the very best". I just might have to pick up a couple of pairs for my sister (who is staying bald with me) and myself.