Monday, January 16, 2012

Beaducation's Mister Twister

I know that I have posted about Beaducation's Mister Twister before (click here), but it bears revisiting.

There are two sets of mandrels available in the Mister Twister line: the round and the oval.

The round mandrel set comes with 8 mandrels in sizes 1, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm. Each mandrel is 6" long.
The oval mandrel set comes with 6 mandrels in sizes 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, and 6mm. Each mandrel is 6" long.

I have been using the Coiling Gizmo for coiling and making my Sparkle Sprockets, but found that I was limited by only having two mandrels available. The advantage of the Mister Twister Hand Coiler is that you have 8 sizes to play with in the round and 6 with the oval. The Mister Twister sets come in lovely aluminum cases. They are very sturdy and durable. Each set is less than $40 and is well worth the small investment. If you like to make your own jump rings, then you definitely need to purchase these sets.

An added bonus from Beaducation, is that Kate Richbourg, Director of Education, provides step by step instructions on how to use the Mister Twister in a well produced video on their site.

Another advantage I found was that with inserting your wire directly into the mandrel instead of wrapping it around your mandrel, saves on how much wire is "wasted". This is particularly important if you are using precious metal wire.

In the Fall, I taught a Crystal Clay class at my sister Tiki's place. After the class, I was showing her how to make a Sparkle Sprocket using the Coiling Gizmo. At the time, I didn't have my Mister Twister sets with me, so Tiki improvised and bent a steel knitting needle in the vice in the garage. Now I don't recommend this, but I'll  tell you, it worked like a charm. Of course, if you knit with bamboo needles, this transformation is not going to work!

Here are some examples of jewellery made using Sparkle Sprockets:

 I taught this Sparkle Sprockets Mesh Necklace at the Toronto Bead Society Fall 2011 Fair.

I am teaching a similar cuff to this at the CREATE YOUR STYLE in Tucson Event February 2012. The colorway I'm teaching with is Crystal, Crystal AB, Jet and Rose. Click here for more details.

This is the Sparkle Sprockets Charm Bracelet that I teaching at Bead&Button 2012. You can see all the classes I am teaching in Milwaukee here.


  1. I have been making cuffs for a few years and testing them on willing participants. I have not been happy with the "clasp". Will you teach this again - in Toronto?

  2. I purchased a mister twister oval jump ring maker and it came with no instructions. It seemed simple enough and I used copper 20 g. wire to try it out. the wire wrapped on easy enough but I could NOT get it to slide off the mandrel afterwards. Is there some secret to this. I don't think I wrapped it tightly just easy like. Some help would be appreciated.