Friday, November 01, 2013

Blinging Up My Sneakers

I don't profess to be as good as The Crystal Ninja, Kellie Defries, when it comes to gluing, but with her awesome tools, you can do some amazing things!!

I bought a pair of Roxy sneakers in a silver black colour and knew I wanted to add more sparkle to them. Because that's how I roll. The sparklier, the better. And nothing sparkles quite like Swarovski flatbacks. Well, other Swarovski products do!!

Using supplies from Kellie's Professional Glue Kit, I filled a syringe with Gemtac and started laying down glue dots. Not a line of glue, individual dots. Then using her Crystal Katana, I picked up the SS 20 Jet Flatbacks and placed one in each dot. Flipping the Crystal Katana around, I used to chrome end to press each crystal into place. 

Some tips for you:
1. Wear your shoes long enough to have creases appear where they will. This allows you to see where you have to glue the stones a little looser, so that they won't rub up against each other. Heaven forbid that you you glue everything tight and then can't bend your foot in the shoe!

2. Work on even distribution of glue dots and not dispensing too much glue. Easier said than done. But after 1,000 hours of doing this, you'll be a pro. 

3. Work on each shoe evenly. I did the outline on each shoe and then started to fill in each one bit by bit. Why? Because I wanted both shoes to have the same amount of crystals. This way, I have enough crystals for both instead of doing one full shoe and running out of crystals. I know I could just buy more crystals, but I wanted to wear them this weekend!! 

I finished as far as I could last night, Halloween, while watching a horror movie, at home all along. In case of intruders, the Crystal Katana could work as a weapon. Lol. 

I'll be wearing these this weekend at the Toronto Bead Society fall fair. Come by and take a sneak peak at my sneakers! I will have Kellie's Professional Glue Kit, Crystal Katana and the newest Tanto available for sale along with oodles of Swarovski Crystal. 

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