Sunday, April 29, 2007

The First Post is the Deepest

After numerous false starts, here we go...

Stayed up until 2:30 am on Friday to finish the swatches that were the homework for Wannietta Prescod's courses on Fininshing and Necklines at the DKC's 10th annual Frolic. Yes, you heard it here first folks, I am a procrastinator. Sure, I could have pulled some yarn my stash, but two contrasting colours were called for. Off to my LYS to see what I liked, what was contrasting in a pleasant way and what was cheap. They were for swatches - they had to be cheap. Little did I know that I would be creating a miracle with the yarn and that my life would be forever changed.

The mattress stitch (side seam)

the mattress stitch (arm to body)

the three needle bind off

the neckline

Projects on the go:

baby cardigan for Andy and Lucie's baby on the way - I am convinced it's going to be a boiy, hence the blue. This pattern is from Vogue Knitting. I SWEAR there is an error in the pattern. Look at where they say to placethe markers. I am counting the stitches - I have the right amount. I am sure they are mistaken. Will figure out later. But am mad at the project right now and that is not the sort of karma I want to knit into a baby's outfit.

Easter vest: I call it that becuase the colours remind me of an easter egg. The front and back were done months ago. They were just waiting for me to learn how to unite them.

Another vest: yes on a vest kick and yes I LOVE variegated yarns. This is Patons Nuance. It is a recent purchase from the Spinrite Factory in Listowel. The Toronto Hook-ups had a field trip!!!
That great big bag in the centre is mine - at 35 cents an ounce can you blame me???

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  1. You were a wonderful student & a lot of fun to have in the class!! I hope that you will love the finishing as much as the knitting & I'm looking forward to seeing your stuff.