Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More frolicking thoughts

I was so overwhelmed by everything at DKC's Frolic that it appears I have needed 48 hours to decompress.

  • I won a sock kit from AffectionKnit in the raffle. This has freaked me out a little because I am a sock virgin. Will the first sock hurt? Will I become obsessed with getting more and more sock yarn? I am already a variegated yarn freak and have bought sock yarn to make scarves. I bought some dpn's and they are cozying up to the kit as we speak. They look cute together - like they belong together. But how the bleep am I to knit with those short little things? I am knitter who shoves the right needle under my arm. This will prove to be interested.

  • I met Marsha White from The NeedleArts Books Shop. I have been on her mailing list for quite a while. It was a thrill to chat with her. Her website is great and she is always ahead of the crowd to let us know what books are coming soon. I appreciate that information from her. I think she does it, just so I can budget. I am a knitter/crochet who loves books. I can pass eons in Chapters/Indigo. Whole seasons pass by and I have no clue. I bought Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's latest book, Casts Off, from Marsha. She was nice enough to give me a copy that Stephanie had actually signed. Was I thrilled or what!!! I have all her books and read her blog, Yarn Harlot daily. She is THE rock star of knitting. I heard that Stephanie was somewhere at the Frolic, but assumed that the chances that I, lowly convert from crochet, would run into her......

  • But lo and behold - I did!! While taking Wainnetta Prescod's course on necklines, Stephanie came through looking for someone. I couldn't help myself. I put up my hand as Stephanie was facing me and I called out "SOCK VIRGIN!!!" Well, that certainly got her attention. I showed her the sock I won, she oohed and aahed. I pulled her book out of my purse and asked her to sign it. She was very gracious about it, even when I called her a yarn whore, instead of harlot. Yep, I was a little starstruck!!! I e-mailed her an apology later that day and luckily, she e-mailed me back that it was the most hilarious thing that happened to her all day. Thank goodness!!!

  • I have also taken the giant leap for me and done a little swatch of Fair Isle. (with my cheapo two contrasting colours bought Wainnetta's class) Not a bad first attempt.

  • I am a little miffed at myself for not buying Fleece Artist Celtic Vest kit. I looked at the sample done up for about half an hour, left my fingerprints all over numerous skeins.... Those greens are just screaming out for a redhead like me to wear. Subconsciously, I didn't buy it, so I could make my first trip to Lettuce Knit. I will have to plan this trip very carefully. I do not want to be caught like a deer in the headlights of yarn heaven. I did work at Lewiscraft at the Sheppard Centre until it closed. I have been surrounded by yarn on a daily basis for ages. Will I have the wherewithal to go to Lettuce Knits and only purchase that kit? I think I will have to build up my resistance. Or somehow finish the two vests I am working on, and buy that kit as a reward. Yes, that's it. I will reward myself!!!!

Now I feel much better having made a decision.

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  1. I love socks. And if you thought the mattress stitch & picking up a neckline was magic, just you wait till you turn your first heel!! I still get a little giddy.
    I love sock yarn - it's totally about the colours - and for me they are the perfect "to go" project. If I have nothing else in my bag, there is a pair of socks.