Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some multi-strand necklaces

Here are some pretty necklaces for you to gaze upon.

This one is called Purple Sky.

A lovely combination of amethyst, violet, cobalt blue and tanzanite beads.

The Tiny Flat beads were purchased from The Bead Den.

The rest of the beads were purchased from beadFX.

This necklace came to life to cradle the beautiful lampworked bead that Amy Waldman Smith made as I sat beside her at the torch. It is very mesmerizing to watch a bead come into this world. It is one of my goals to learn how to create these precious gems.

This necklace was inspired by Nicole Kidman and the necklace that she wore at the 2008 Oscars. It was crocheted with sterling silver wire and is chock full of Czech Fire Polish beads in a variety of crystal and labrodorite colours. There are also some flat rounds. The wire was purchased at Bamiyan Silver and the beads were purchased at beadFX.

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