Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Not So Secretly Covet Lampwork Beads

It all began thanks to Isabelle McLean from Prescott, who sells her freakin' gorgeous lampworked beads on Ebay. The way she combines colours and designs it sheer magic. It is a fiesta for the eyes. I got into a bidding war with a woman from New Zealand over these beads. THEY ARE MINE!!!

And then along came Amy Waldman Smith.
I can pick her beads out from a mile away. Trust me - we did a test at beadFX.

I bought this cute little froggie fellow for Declan - he actually pick him out.
I "heart" her work! I picked this toggle set up at the beadFX Lampwork Trunk Sale.... very scary ....too many nice beads and nice lampworkers. Basically bought something from everyone as you will see in the pictures below.

A Wise Bead from the inimitable Sue Wise called Golden Embers.

This picture doesn't do it justice. It really looks like Sue captured the sun within the glass. I bought it at the Toronto Bead Society's Spring Fair.

These are funky little beads made with Raku. Never heard of it before that day. Now I love it! These are made by Elly Peters.

This is another lovely double-pyramid type bead from AirWynn purchased at the beadFX Lampwork Trunk Sale. You know why it's call a "trunk sale"? Because you need a trunk to haul all your fabulous purchases home!!!This bead I bought at the Toronto Bead Society's Spring Fair. Also by AirWynn. It looks like a lovely Easter Egg. I really should have bought two.

Lesson: If you see it and you want it....BUY IT!

Below is a beautiful bead and necklace purchased at the One of a Kind show from Sailor Girl Jewellery. If you have not taken a business course with Catherine Winter aka Sailor Girl - I highly recommend that you do!More Raku! This was from Wieler Studios. Here is a very pretty cobalt, fuschia and purple bead from my favourite lampwork golfer, the one and only Susan Stortini. Here are some lovely teeny tiny lampworked beads by Aimee Kennedy of Fine and Good Jewellery. And the piece de resistance

Sound the Trumpets!

The bead of all beads!

The Muck and Scum Companion Bead by Dwyn of DragonJools!

If you receive the beadFX newsletter, you may recall the one where they announced that they had "horrible beads" in. I bought those horrible beads - they are called Muck and Scum. Absolutely gorgeous. I added some dark topaz and turquoise coloured beads with copper and voila! When I went to the Trunk Show, I brought it with me to show Dwyn. She immediately suggested that I needed a focal bead for the necklace and she was right. We search her collection of available beads, and alas, although they were all lovely, none matched the necklace quite right. I gave Dwyn the necklace, and she said she would "come up with something". Talk about something, alright!!! Click on the picture so that it opens up larger in another window and you will see what I mean.

Oh yeah, and by the way..





  1. Heeeey! I'm glad those raku beadies found a good home! :)

  2. heh, heh - you have got it baaad, sister! There is no 12-step program for you!