Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Dixon Chick at John Bead

On Friday and Saturday, I had the pleasure of spending the day with the amazing folks at John Bead. They were having their warehouse sale and asked me to come in as a guest designer to promote the extended line of colours that they are carrying of Artistic Wire in 26 gauge. Ooohhh, the colours! My favourite new colour by far is the Gun Metal. It is a beautiful sort of bronzed gunmetal colour that is a very flexible wire and is so beautiful to crochet with.

It was a day for seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Some of the people I had the pleasure of meeting are:

Crystal Mountain Beads: I met Rose Turner, who owns the store with her sister. They have a lovely store in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Please check out their website. Looking at it, wish I could just beam myself over there immediately. They have Zinc beads - yes ZINC - I never even knew such a thing existed. The beads are lead and nickel free. They also have a wonderful assortment of lampwork beads. Rose and I will be talking soon about setting up some classes in her store. Remember, with the Dixon Chick - crocheting is NOT a prerequisite! I will teach you all you need to know to make my signature necklaces.

Canadian Beading Magazine: Oh, I was like a little girl meeting Santa for the first time, when I met Pat Frazier, Publisher and Allison Savage, Editor-in-Chief from Canadian Beading Magazine. Do you remember the awe and excitement that you felt the first time you met Santa? A little scared, want to be on your best behaviour, want to show that you are a good girl? Well - yep, that was me. I am a HUGE fan of this magazine - the ONLY Canadian Beading magazine out there. I am looking forward to having some discussions with them about putting in some wire bead crochet patterns... would you like that? Let me know! And please continue to patronize the magazine, enter their contests, write letters to editor, put ads in the magazine and buying the kits. Aren't the Beading Etiquette articles an absolute riot?

Here are some pics from the fun time at John Bead.

This is a new design I created for John Bead using Preciosa. This picture doesn't do it justice - but it is very blingy!!!
A special thanks to Lynda, Christina, Krysta and Brian from John Bead for making me feel like one of the gang. Let's do it again soon!


  1. i just discovered you...and am so glad. i've been crocheting in wire for over 13 years and love it. it seems you never run out of ideas either. just seeing a new color wire or bead is enough to set the imagination off. i've been working on some new stuff for a cancer group fund raising project for Zebra House, carcinoid cancer is very rare, and this house is a place where patients can stay free of charge, near the hospital in New Orleans, where one of two groups of doctors only handle carcinoid cancer. it's that rare.

    mine is in the lungs. a big silent auction in end of sept 09, so i've been doing new stuff in our colors, pink and black, for us zebras.

    if you would like to see my stuff, come by or would love to talk wire crochet. how hard was it not to make off with that spool of copper wire?????? amazing! and gunmetel is beutiful.
    pat moases-caudel

  2. Hey, Chickie! Good to see you back at the blog. I love the gunmetal colour as well, gotta get me some!!