Monday, January 19, 2009

Thanks alot, Rosemary!

All of you who shop at beadFX know Rosemary. Sweet, innocent looking Rosemary. HA! She is naughty - in a very good way.

As I was unable to make it out there this weekend because I was sick, she let me know that the sale table was still out. It was calling to me I swear.... there were lots of goodies and great deals to be had. I had picked out everything I wanted...or so I thought....until Rosemary got a hold of me.

She practically dragged me over to the tables. Did I see this? Wouldn't I want that? Rosemary brings "enabling" to a whole other level.

Ok, so there were these African Turquoise beads - big honkin' ones, that did seem to tickle my fancy. I envisioned them as rings. So, I bought three of those. Well, I had to have the wire to make the rings. (Steph doesn't have wire? you ask) Well - I needed 22 gauge. So I got that. Then there was the ring mandrel. So I bought that too.

I got home and went right to it. And voila.....

And so I say,


You're the best!

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  1. Bead DEALER - like other addictive substances. ;-)