Saturday, January 17, 2009

This weekend's classes cancelled

I am sick. Nose stuffed up, chest congested, sound worse than Demi Moore, coughing up god knows what - SICK! One minute I'm hot, the next I have the chills. This totally sucks! I am scheduled to teach the crochet cuff class at beadFX today and crochet earrings tomorrow - but how can I in good conscience? Free gift with every class - my germs! I don't think so. Poor Rosemary at beadFX, now has to call all the participants and let them know the class is cancelled.

I was really looking forward to teaching today and tomorrow! Two new classes! PLUS, there is a massive sale on at beadFX on overstock. See their blog for more details. You've got to know that I am REALLY sick, if I can't drag my sorry *** out to a bead sale!

So I bid you adieu, while I crawl back into bed.

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