Friday, January 23, 2009

Well, would you look at that!

I was surfing the 'net and thought I'd head over to Bead Junction, as that is where I am teaching tomorrow. And lo and behold, the class I am tecahing tomorrow is sold out!

How exciting!! I think that means there are 8 people in the class. I am looking forward to tomorrow as I have never taught at Bead Junction before. I know most of the staff though, as they are very involved in the Toronto Bead Society. In fact, Patricia Huff, is the current TBS President! Sonia Elliott, no relation to my fiance Tim Elliott, took my class at a techniques night and hasn't looked back. She has made some FABULOUS pieces.

That's one of the most gratifying parts about teaching. Seeing how students make the technique their own and take it to the next level. If you took a class with me - I would LOVE for you to send me pics of your goodies!

I put kits together for all the classes that I teach, but I am constantly changing them. I like to mix it up. I'll be shopping and find some fascinating beads, and think to myself, "Dang! Those will look great in .....". I admit it... I get bored with the same old kits. They may be new to you, but well, they get stale for me. It's not that I don't love them, when I create them - I do! I do! I just find that as my knowledge expands so does my "risk" factor. I am more willing to play and hope to encourage that colour curiosity in others too.

Here is a sneak peak of three new kits...

Iris Lapis

The "iris" effect on the darker beads isn't showing up to well....

Spiced Topaz

I have still have a some kits to create... I have some FABULOUS turquoise beads and some AWESOME Jet 1/2 Copper ones too. Stay tuned for those!

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