Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Sometimes when I am wearing a piece of jewellery, people want to buy it right off me. This is a huge compliment to me. But instead of giving them the one I am wearing, I prefer to make one just for them. I calls these variations. I will put in special design features just for them.

Take for example my Primavera necklace below:

And here is the one that I made for someone who wanted it.

What are the differences?
The client didn't want the large copper filigree balls. Instead I added in a copper butterfly and a copper hummingbird. The two Unicorn beads in the original were from my stash, so for variation I added in a piece of quartz and a funky glass bead. I also added in some Pink Lustre Gold Tulips. All the other elements are the same. Another variation in the second piece, is that I did wrapped loops on all the pieces instead of loops.

Variations on someone else's work:

There is a stunning Copper and Swarovski necklace on the beadFX blog that Jen created. I love it and bought all the elements to re-create it. But again, I made this one my own, by adding in large copper circles and a doublestrand of chain up one side. Hers was the inspiration for mine.

If you see a piece that you love and want to re-create it, by all means do so, but try to add in your elements to personalize it.

I recently held a class on WBC basics and had loads of necklaces out to show everyone what they could do. Although it is a compliment that people love my work and want to recreate it - it does slightly bother my when they take my necklace and walk through the store trying to match all the beads exactly. Maybe it's just me....

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