Monday, March 16, 2009

Celebrity Guest Designer Challenge at beadFX

In one of my previous posts, I wrote about how Cynthia Fawcett and I have been challenged by Dwyn of beadFX to come up with inspirational designs based on the same beads. We have done two challenges so far and here are the fruits of our labour.

The first challenge involved these beads, Cinnamon Givre:

Cynthia's design - Tangerine Paisley Dream

My design - IGNIS

Our next challenge was with this set of beads, ovaltines and squarelets.

Cynthia's Design - Spring Blooms

My design - Eire

I heard from the staff at beadFX, that there was in increase in the sales of ovaltines and squarelets, as well as satin rattail, that I used in my design. I hope everyone who has been inspired by our designs has as much fun recreating them as we did designing them.

I now have in my hot little hands the new beads for the next challenge. All I can say is WOW! They are absolutely beautiful. I think Cynthia and Dwyn are out to get me though. When you see the big reveal in a couple of weeks, you will understand why. They will not defeat me! I will work WAY out of my comfort zone to create some spectacular to inspire you. I am scouring all my bead magazines, pulling an element from this one, an element from that one.

To see all the inspirations available from the awesome team of designers at beadfx, go to:

Stay tuned!

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