Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 14th Class at BeadFX

The March 14th class at BeadFX was a real pleasure to teach. It was the WBC MultiStrand necklace. I had 5 students, three of which had taken the WBC Basics Choker previously, and everyone could crochet. Everyone was basically done in two hours instead of the three allotted. I had put together new kits with beads that were all similarly sized but the colour combinations were more adventurous and there were no more than two kits of each colourway.

When you take a class at BeadFX, you automatically get 15% off your purchases made in the store that day. Woohoo! But as their March Madness sale is on - with 20% off almost everything - students get to doubledip! That's 20% off first, and then 15% off!!! Yowza!

From what I overheard, people were walking out of there with $200 worth of goodies. I was able to resist temptation and just spent $30.

The craziness that is induced by a sale, also carried over into my wire sales. I sold close to 50 spools of wire yesterday!!! One student bought 22 all by herself. That would be Linda, who was heading out to teach her daughter and niece how to crochet that evening. Linda was a riot! She loves to bead and loves to crochet - so my class was a classic next step for her.

Here are some pics of us at the class yesterday, taken by Cynthia Fawcett. Funny how she just happened to be at the store the first day of the sale.....

What a great bunch of gorgeous women!!!

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