Thursday, March 12, 2009


One important aspect of my life is my volunteerism. Since I was very young, I was always giving of my time - whether it be to school, neighbourhood or church activities. The joys of volunteering was instilled in me by my father, who was a great volunteer himself. At church, he was the leader of the folk choir and band, performed annually at the church fair and also trouped out the Dixon Family Singers one year to perform a Christmas concert for the CNIB in Montreal. I remember him all dressed in white as a timer at my swim meets.

Some of my volunteering escapades have been:

  • Being the Century 21 bear for the Picton Fair in the late 80's. I shared this honour with my sister Laurie. Note: If you are ever a mascot - do not eat red licorice and then hop into the costume - it gives you REALLY bad breath!

  • Organizing an aerobics-a-thon

  • Organizing a silent auction

  • Member of committee organizing a weekend of festivities for the 40th anniversary of McLaughlin College at York University - my alma mater

  • Here I am at the Gala dinner with former Residence Secretary, Pam Montoute

  • Community parent on North York Board of Health's Breastfeeding Coalition

  • Member of Catholic School Advisory Committee

  • Volunteer for The Corsage Project

  • Demonstrating jewellery techniques at the Creative Festival

  • Teaching children at summer camp how to crochet

  • Volunteer Coordinator, Toronto Bead Society

Declan started volunteering and organizing in Grade 1, when he started a Frog Club at school. Here we are the Creative Festival demonstrating different techniques. Declan is doing Chain Maille and I am doing Wire Bead Crochet.

If you can not donate money, donating your TIME can have an even greater impact. I challenge you all to volunteer for something this year. I'd love to hear what sort of volunteering you already do.

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