Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Dixon Chick's To Do List

This is really my pillow, hanging right beside the front door.

Do you have a list of things to do? I feel like mine could be written on a roll of toilet paper, it's that long.

And then there are the subcategories: Around the House, At Work, In Life, In Love, As a Mother, As a Pet Owner. The list of lists goes on.

How do I deal with all this? There are two fabulous women that I refer to often. One is the FLYLADY and the other is Sark.

Flylady is all about Finally Loving Yourself. Her motto is "Shine Your Sink First". If that is the one thing you do - do that. NOthing like a nice shiny kitchen sink to sparkle at you.

She asks if you live in a state of C.H.A.O.S. (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) - and I fit that bill to a tee.

Just check out the website and you will see what I mean...

The other website I love to refer to is the online home of SARK, otherwise known as Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy. She is the author of numerous books, such as Succulent Wild Woman, Transformation Soup, Make Your Creative Dreams Come True. I have been lucky enough to have met SARK twice here in Toronto when she was lecturing through the Learning Annex.

We just clicked - there was some sort of found lost sister feeling when we met. She is effusive with her enthusiasm and positive energy but is also real enough to admit that she has suffered in her life and struggles daily to cope. She is a person who chooses every day to have the best day that she can. She is definitely a class half full person. Perhaps this is why I enjoy her books so much.

With Sark, I saw her lecture on Micro-Movements. Let's say you set a goal to clean up the hall closet - you must celebrate the micro-movements accomplished just to do it. Some people are so blocked that they know they should do it, but can't even open the door. Celebrate that you open the door.

Hmmm.... guess I haven't yet written about my to-do list really.

Guess I'll put that on tomorrow's to-do list.


  1. Hey, Steph - I was at that micro movements seminar a few years back! To think we were there in the audience together and didn't know each other yet - wow! Thanks for this post, I'm trying to get some things done off my "to do" list today and this really helped to remind me I don't have to do it all at once.

  2. I am definitely not a dull woman.