Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My Favourite Wire Cutters

It was a rough time around my place last week as I thought I had lost my favourite wire cutters. You know what it's like when you have a favourite - nothing else will do. Well that's true in this case, but I really had no other cutters in the house and I had a project deadline to meet.

So, I searched high and I searched low.

I called beadFX because I had just taught a class there - maybe I they got mixed up with the glass tools. Marg, God bless her, checked all over the store for me - but to no avail - they were not there.

I searched Declan's room - thinking my crafty boy had absconded with them, but no, he did not. (Let's not even talk about his tools that I use - no we won't go there!)

Well - this project needs to get done and damn it - I have scissors.



don't ask me any questions - just learn from my mistake(s)!


I called a buddy of mine and left a message on her voicemail that I was having a bead emergency - did she have any flush cutters she could sell me, loan me, trade a cat for? I still haven't heard back from her - I suspect she is on vacation, or is still in shock that I would have a beading emergency. You've had them too, right?

Tick tock tick tock

Scheduled trip to wholesalers proved to be very disappointing (cutter-wise, never bead-wise) - they did not have the ones I was looking for. So - I did it - I cheaped out - and bought the absolute cheapest pair I could find, still convinced that my beloved cutters would be found. I spent $1.38 - and that's Canadian too!

All excited that I had a set of "cutters" (notice the quotations), I took my nearly finished project in hand and went to cut the wire, the Softflex Heavy.....

Nothing happened.

I snipped again.

Still nothing.

I squeezed that sucker so tight together you think I was cracking walnuts at Christmas.

Oh, the torment! These $1.38 cutters did not cut. Okay, they eventually did, but I swear I was in some sort of strange yoga position trying to get those large cutter ends into the delicate area of my project.

Blue Flush Cutters - where are you?

I was in beadFX last week and ended up purchasing another pair of these cutters. They are truly magnificent and worth ever penny - they are about $20.00. I can not live without them. They are perfect for the work I do. A worthwhile investment. You can purchase them here.

I was so happy to have a new pair that I decided to start a new project with some beads that I picked up in Milwaukee. Now where is that bag of beads I asked myself. It appears that one of my two elves had decided that the dining room table was for dining and not beading. How weird is that? I found a rather full bag of beads and such on the hutch. (I know you see it coming...)

I dumped the bag out to see what was in it.....


Save yourself the panic attack that invariably comes with the sudden loss or misplacement of tools by darling family members - buy an extra pair.
You'll be glad to know that no family members were injured as a result of this case...


  1. Isn't that always the way it happens? As soon as you replace an item or stop looking for it, it turns up! Too funny.

  2. I agree, these are good cutters. Surprisingly I don't own a pair, but once used them regularly in a shop I worked at. And, at a great price. Sharp tip... What more could one ask for?

    Xuron has some good stuff to share about their Micro Shear:

    And here (scroll down):

    Best of all, they're made in the USA. Saco, Maine.