Thursday, December 02, 2010

Portuguese Eye Candy

Is it coincidence that Hazel from Portugal wins on my blog the same day that Jen from beadFX blogs about a Portuguese artist on Etsy? I think not! The universe is shining a big bright spotlight on the extraordinary artisans from the land of olives and bacalhau. Se

Café, chà, laranjada? If you've ever flown to Portugal, you would have been asked that question. What does it mean? Coffee, tea or orange juice? But when you say it in Portuguese it sounds much better!!

Hazel Lima has absolutely gorgeous jewelry on her website. She sells her own and represents other local artists as well. Take a look at these great pics which I copied from her website.

Here is some eye candy from the Etsy store, Kukla Studio, that Jen blogs about on the beadFX blog.

It's always fun to see what the jewelry trends are in different countries. With the Internet and online artisan stores like Etsy, the world is a whole lot more accessible. Hope you enjoyed today's arm chair travel!

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