Sunday, April 03, 2011

A is for Audacious

Definition: extremely bold or daring; recklessly brave; fearless; extremely original

Synonyms: adventurous, aweless, bold, brassy, brave, cheeky*, courageous, daredevil, dauntless, enterprising, fearless, foolhardy, gutty, intrepid, nervy, rash, resolute, risky, smart ass, unafraid, uncurbed, undaunted, ungoverned, valiant, venturesome

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Have I been audacious? Hell ya!! But I like to think I've been positively audacious. From proposing to my husband, to resigning from my job after 24 at the same company to pursue my passion of being an artist. I have a big loving spirit and enthusiasm for life. I always end up in the "naughty chair". But at least it's a sparkly one!

What has been your most audacious moment? A panel of cheeky experts will review the entries and a special prize for the most daring, fearless, bold story will be awarded.

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