Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Open Beading Night: What's It All About?

Imagine if you will:
-Being able to shop in your favourite store after hours and having someone personally help you.
-Being surrounded by your best friends doing a hobby you all enjoy.
-Having access to hundreds of magazines and books for inspiration.
-Having a professional on hand to answer questions and help you through difficulties.
-Having a sneak peek at the new product in the store before it goes live on the website.
-Eating two bite brownies, cinnamon rolls and chocolate.
-and to top it all off, it's FREE!!

That my friends, is Open Beading Night at beadFX!!

I am so honored to be the host of this great beadFX initiative started by Jennifer Tough a number of years ago. The first one I attended as a customer, I went with Cynthia Fawcett. It was oodles of fun.

I can't believe I host it now! We have a core group that includes Barb, Claudette, Bonnie, Dawn, Marion and Vanessa. It's a go with a minimum of 2 and the maximum of 10.

It's on Wednesdays and we start at 6:00 with setting our individual goals for the night and introduce any newbies. I usually give everyone a sneak peek at the new product that will go live at midnight with the newsletter release. Hopefully you all receive our weekly newsletter featuring new product, a free pattern and tons of valuable class information. You can sign up for the newsletter on

So are you tempted to join us? Call 416-701-1373 to sign up. I'd love you to come out. What else are you doing?

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