Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vendor Shout-Out: BEYOND BEADERY

Betcey and Mark Ventrella are the loving proprietors of Beyond Beadery. If you've been to Bead&Button, BeadFest or the Tucson shows, you're probably familiar with the vast selection of beads available from them.

I met them at my first Bead&Button show in Milwaukee. I did oodles of research before I went to the show. I looked at every single vendor's website to acquaint myself with what they had to offer. When I saw that they carried 4mm Miyuki cube mixes, I couldn't wait to see their booth in real life!! At that time, I didn't do "little beads", which is probably a good thing, because I would have been overwhelmed by all the choices. I love mixes!!!! They are perfect for wire bead crochet.

So I went by their booth on the first day of the show and it was so crazy busy!!! I couldn't get near them! Long story short, with about an hour of shopping left on the last day, I got to the booth. Mark showed me where the mixes were and I went to town. Okay, I bought about 10 vials and I was a newbie. But I was so happy!! Those beads were the best buy of the show for me.

Fast forward... I am honored to call Betcey and Mark my friends. I have discovered the other beads they carry, but I keep coming back to those yummy mixes.

They carry a large selection of mixes in seed beads, cubes and Swarovski bicones. You will literally drool over their selection of current and vintage Swarovski, Japanese seed beads and lots of other goodies.

I highly recommend you visit them at a show if you get a chance but give yourself plenty of time!! If you can't wait, please visit their website!!

Avalon: my absolute favorite mix

Another fav: Marrakech

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  1. Saw this posted on Twitter yesterday. Don't know if you saw it. Beyond Beadery had their cash earnings stolen at BeadFest. http://bit.ly/PBQTi6

  2. Awwwww, shucks, Stephanie!!
    Beyond Beadery loves you, too!

    <3 <3 <3
    Thanks for the shout-out!

    1. Thanks, Betcey!!!
      Beyond Beadery is Dixon Chick approved!

  3. Ugh show theft. Heartbreaking! Send my regards Steph...