Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Engaged.........now with a ring!

Tim and I got engaged on June 21 at The Black Sheep Pub, which is where we met.

I received the engagement ring last night.
I designed it with assistance from the jeweller Virginia Slike, whom I play softball with.
It has a Celtic Trinity symbol on each side with a braid.
Someone said that it reminded them of my style of necklace.
I guess so - I hadn't thought about that.
I am very lucky to have such an awesome man, Tim Elliott, in my life as my partner, best friend, and rock.
I love you, Tim.
(even though he does not read blogs -it needed to be said!)


  1. It's a beautiful ring - and my Kerwyn doesn't read my blog either, but I still say stuff. Just in case. lol

  2. Congrats Stephanie! It's a lovely ring, you deserve it girl!

    Erin Maloney
    Airwynn Glass Designs