Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday...after the Oasis

I woke up this morning (after hitting the snooze numerous times) to find Declan in the living room, working on some chainmail. He had already finished his necklace last night. What was he working on, you ask? A ring for me!!! Isn't that sweet! It was a different pattern than what he had been working on. It is now one jump ring with two attached, and then one through the two. I know relatively nothing about chainmail, so if that description is not on, my apologies.

Here is a pic of the ring in progress...

Here is something I was working on at the Bead Oasis. It is the Anemone Pearl necklace. The lampworked Anemone is by Susan Stortini. Thanks, Susan!!!! This is made with a variety of pearls, firepolished beads, purple kiwi stone and 28 gauge dead soft sterling silver wire.

Here is the necklace (all done but the clasp) that I made on Sunday at the Oasis.

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