Friday, September 26, 2008

Jablonex Fashion Show at John Bead

Last night beneath the stars, the latest beads were revealed at the 2nd Annual Jablonex Fashion show at John Bead. The evening was wonderful. I am so inspired! I will let the pictures speak for themselves. For an indepth analysis see the beadFX blog.
Love the choker and multi-strand combination.
This is a blurry shot - but the dress was absolutely gorgeous!
The Dixon Chick with one of the Jablonex models - she is wearing my necklace!!
The designer of all the jewellery modeled last night.
This was a very captivating piece. The brooch was attached to the buttons.

Notice the trend of multiple necklaces and long!

This was my favourite piece the beaded shawl. At first I thought it was knit - but upon closer examination - it was stitched onto nude mesh.

Greg Deavers opened the show.
the little mermaid grows up!
a swiffer for the beader

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