Sunday, September 28, 2008

More pictures from the Jablonex Fashion Show at John Bead in Toronto

My blog has been getting quite a few hits from the Czech Republic, so I figure it's probably the gang from Jablonex and the models. I have decided to add more pictures that I took, that didn't turn out as well. A big thank you to the models from Jablonex. They were absolutely beautiful and showed the clothes and jewellery off in amazing style. The girls were very sweet at the after party. A big thank you to the one who put on my necklace. I wish I knew your names! If you are on Facebook - please add yourself to the fan group for Dixon Chicks Jewellery.

This was an amazing way to start the show. The fashions were incredible. I loved the use of the screens in the designs. The only downside is that the screens did cover the jewellery.

It was great to see a cute beaded hairpin - it was quite 1940's to me. This design was very geometric. I wasn't quite able to get a great shot of the ring - but it was the same shape as the waist piece.

The richness of the fall colours and the tapestries used in these clothes was amazing. I really loved the outfit below. It matched the model so well - there was an artistic freedom about it that I found refreshing.
The necklace below was my absolute favourite. It incorporated the new metallic beads from Jablonex. I can't wait to use them in my designs...stay tuned.
This was an amazing fantasy piece!

One of the things I noticed is that there were alot of open back pieces that had long end pieces hanging down the back of the necklace. Looking to incorporate that design feature.
Just love the beaded bots/nylons below. Eriona - these are for you!

So sad that this turned out so blurry - it was beautiful.
Same with this one...

Hopefully one day I will get to visit the Czech Republic!

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