Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday at the Oasis

Well folks, the Bead Oasis is over for another year. A big thank you to Nancy of NLM Glass Arts and her team for organizing this bead lover's extravaganza. There was laughter, there were tears, old friends cherished and new ones made. It was an inspirational weekend full of ideas and cross pollination of styles.

I was very lucky to have my son Declan, who is 11, along with me today. He was a big help to me, by helping me set up and tear down the booth. In between those two activities, he was handing out promo literature, acting as a runner, monitoring booths for vendors and just being his usual ray of sunshine self. He also helped me immensely by counting out some beads for me and loading them on the wire. He looked dapper in the knitted/beaded tie by Flo Flory.

He bought a lampworked cat bead from Dragonfire Beads and learned how to make a chain from jump rings to attach the bead too. As I update this blog, he is working on the finished the chain and adding a lobster claw. Here are some pics of him learning his new skill from Kimberly Harris.

There is much more for me to blog about but I am a wee bit tired and my feet are sore (not that I blog with my feet!). Stay tuned for all the posts to come about the happenings and people at the Bead Oasis.

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