Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Members of My Lampwork Bead Family

I am pleased to announce the latest additions to my evergrowing lampwork bead family!
These beauties come all the way from Corvallis, Montana courtesy of Bill and Rae Grout of Aspen Hot Glass. I bought these from them on Etsy. These are a set of Silver Laced Chocolate Nebula Lentils, Nuggets and Round Beads. There are 15 beads - plus a bonus bead, that is not strung. Can you say this is the perfect set for a stunning Fall necklace? Rae and Bill's "goal is to spread love and harmony one bead at a time."
These stunning beauties are from Amy Waldman-Smith. I purchased them from her at one of the Toronto Bead Society meetings. I have included two pictures here as the beads are slightly different depending on which side you are looking at. They look good enough to eat!!! I was drawn to these because they make me think of the Bahamas. As some of you may know, I am heading to the Bahamas to play in a softball tournament in October. These three beads will hang down one after the after, from the largest (the one at the bottom) to the smallest. I am just going to put them on a very simple silver memory wire. Amy thinks is a super idea and can't believe she didn't think of it first!!!
This funky khaki green and purple bead bead is from the creative hands of Sue Wise. I bought this one at the Bead Oasis. There were two beads of this colourway, except that the other one had swirls that looked like the ocean in it. I hummed and hawed. Picked up the bead. Put it down. Looked around. But this bead kept calling me! So what's a girl today? Here, Sue, here is my adoption application for this gorgeous bead.
Later, I was having a bit of buyer's remorse wishing I had bought the other one too. I was sitting at the TBS booth and Kimberly came along with a happy and excited look on her face. "Look what I just bought!" she said gleefully. And lo and behold, it was the companion bead. I am so happy that it went to someone who will love it as much as I do.
I am showing both sides of this bead too.
Somewhere, in my bags o'bead, that I bought at the Bead Oasis are a lovely set of beads from AirWynn Glass Designs. Stay tuned for those.

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