Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Goodbye September, Hello October!

September has been a whirlwind! With the starting of school and all that entails (for those that don't know - my full time job is with the Department of Film, Faculty of Fine Arts, York University), to catching a bad cold, the first TBS meeting of the year, the Bead Oasis, teaching classes at beadFX, my son's hockey try-outs and the finals of my softball league.....I think I need a nap! In fact I have today off! As mentioned in yesterday's post, I am headed to the Bahamas later this month for a softball tournament. I am off to the passport office this morning to hand in the worst passport picture you have EVER seen. However, there is good news to this story - after 1:00 pm, I am off to John Bead to pick up my latest order. Woo hoo!!!
I have been remiss about posting the rest of the pictures I took at the Bead Oasis, so here they are:

Uh - yup - that's me! Volunteer Coordinator for the Toronto Bead Society
Susan Hood of Glass Harp - all the way from Nova Scotia!
Will the real Susan please stand up?
Susan and her friend Pat - also from Nova Scotia

Heather from Bead Junction - check out that necklace!Colleen, the beekeeper from Cobourg, who took my Wire Bead Crochet class at beadFX. I sneak attacked her with the camera.

Colleen and Judy (the birthday girl from my class at beadFX post)
The three amigos or Charter Members of the "You can never have too many beads" Club.

The picture says it all! Below is a picture Kirsty's famous Cow Necklace. As soon as she makes one - someone buys it! Look at it fondly - you may be lucky enough to see one in real life. (ATTENTION JANE SKINNER: YOU NEED TO OWN THIS NECKLACE!!!)
This is the wild and crazy Stefanie Ogden and her friend Carol of The Bead Den. As is the case with most people named Steph(f)anie - this one is especially dangerous. Except only to me, as she lives down the street from me - within walking distance. Do you have any idea how dangerous that is? I can call her up and go over and pick through all the lovely beads at a leisurely pace. VERY DANGEROUS!!! She is an enabler. Approach with caution!

My fav young and hip lampwork designer - Erin Maloney!
Joanne Wolverton of Rypan Designs
The inimitable Amy Waldman-Smith. I keep wanting to call her Amy Wynn. Which is a combination of her own name and Erin's company name Air Wynn. Or maybe I just watched Trading Spaces for too many years!
Kimberly Harris and Amy Waldman-Smith
Amy's spectacular bead display board.
Here are some of Amy's Angels.
Do you think Amy will notice if I just run away with the whole tray of angels?

The Super Sensational Sensitive Soulful Susan Stortini!
Here is Sue Wise yucking it up. I think she was secretly thinking - take the damn picture already!
Here is one of the Toronto lampowrk pioneers - Lesley Wannamaker!
Elly Peters and her mom!

Would you believe I still have more pics to post?
Time is flying - off to John Bead I go!

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