Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday at the Oasis

Woo hoo!!!!! The Bead Oasis is awesome. It's wonderful to be with so many wild and crazy bead-i-ful ladies surrounded by beads, talking about beads and BUYING beads.

Did I mention there were beads?

Just checking.

I took so many pictures that I will be blogging for awhile.

But the reason that I was at the Bead Oasis, is because the Toronto Bead Society has a booth there promoting the TBS and the fun that can be had if you were a member.

We have two sets of screens that showcase the members' work. It is fantabulous! I am so amazed at the diversity of techniques and beads.

The TBS 2009 calendar is also available for sale for $10. I am pleased to announce that I am Miss February - or rather that my work has been chosen to represent February. If you ask nicely, I will sign that page for you. I brought a sharpie with me. Please no shoving. (HARDY HARDY HAR!)

Here are some of our volunteers hard at work.

Anita and Marilyn (you can tell this is the first shift of the day by the size of Marilyn's coffee!)

Bags and Calendars

Anita and Marilyn

Jean and Berna showing some interested people the latest techniques

Cynthia Fawcett of Cynful Creations

A super duper trouper THANK YOU goes out to Kimberly Harris, the 2007-2008 TBS Volunteer Coordinator. She has been a wonderful help to me during the transition from her leaving the position and my entering it. This was my first show as the Volunteer Coordinator and I could not have done it without her. (I know there is one day still left - but I am positive all is going to finish successfully). Kimberly, you are an angel! Thank you for being the liaison on Friday when I had to work at my j.o.b.

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