Saturday, October 11, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Did I say busy? You betcha! Why are you so busy you may ask... so here is why and the categories that they belong to...

Hi there, my name is Mommy:
Declan and I went to the home opener of the Toronto Marlies last night at Ricoh Coliseum. Although the team lost to the Binghamton Senators in the shootout (final score 2-1), a good time was had by all. We are season ticket holders - that's 40 regular season games. There are a lot of Sunday games this year which will be a challenge as Declan's games will be Sunday nights - so we will probably have to only go to first two periods in order to make it back for his own game. It was great to reconnect with other season ticket holders who we haven't seen all winter. Sharilynn and Mary from MWSL we there also and were kind enough to give us a ride home.
We gave Brent Aubin and Bianca Lajeunesse a present for their new baby, Kelly. We also saw Annette Pogge (Justin's mom) and Marci, his absolutely adorable girlfriend.

This is Brent and Declan.

Here we are with Justin and his playoff moustache. I am pleased to report that he has shaved it off!!!

We bought a Halloween gingerbread house and put it together this afternoon. That black icing looks gross and tastes...well, gross too! ugh!

I am beading fiend

I have a bunch of orders to fill for earrings, bracelets and earrings. The Markham Curling Club social committee has ordered a bunch of bracelets and earrings and I am happy that I found a cute charm of a rock and brooms. I have also been asked to do a make and take for Swarovski at the Creativ Festival. It is going to be a pair of earrings. They are beautiful. I will do a reveal after the sesssion, so as not to take away any thunder. I have been asked to teach at Bead Junction, but I am all booked up until January so look for me there, then. I have three classes (I think - maybe more) scheduled at beadFX - so check their website for the details. Hurry though, because the classes sell out fast. I was at beadFX with Ellie Peters and we had some fun. I had bought some beads of her Etsy site and she was kind of to deliver them. Talk about an enabler!! They are gorgeous little lampwork beads that I am going to use to make an assortment of earrings. Rosemary as always was a riot and promoting my classes in a slightly overly loud voice - gee was she trying to get my attention? What a hoot! I will also be teaching at techniques night in December for the TBS and teaching at the Bead Fair in November.

Queen of the Volunteers

I am the Volunteer Coordinator for the TBS and that also means that I coordinate the TBS booth at a variety of shows along with getting people to volunteer in it. The next show is next weekend at the Creativ Festival. Next week is also the Annual General Meeting of the Markham Women's Slo-pitch League. There is a movement afoot to nominate me for President of the League. Not showing up to the AGM is not an option. When I missed the TBS election meeting, I was still elected the Volunteer Coordinator. tee hee. I will be speaking to the Scarborough Chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals about upcoming colour trends and jewellery fashion in November.


One of the major events for the Department of Film at YOrk University where I work full time is CineSiege. It is the showcase for the best student films of the previous year. There is an amazing amount of work, by a great team, in order to pull this event off. October 20 is the date of this year's fest and it will be taking place at the Royal Cinema.

Bahamas here I come:

Somewhere in the middle of all the craziness, I am heading to the Bahamas for a week for a softball tournament. Thirty-six players from Unionville and Markham leagues are heading down on October 23. We have a game the night we fly in!!! Three days of baseball and then four days of fun in the sun.

I think I am too busy to be excited. I have to focus and make to-do lists or I will become unhinged and spin completely out of control.

If the blog isn't updated daily for the next little while - you'll know why!

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  1. Hey Stephanie!

    You really are busy - how can I get ahold of you? Your website is down and I can't find your email address... would love to book some classes in December, January...