Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Sporty Side of Life

Some of you may know that wire bead crochet is not the only passion in my life. I also play softball. This year I was originally playing in three leagues, but by the end of the season, I was down to one. I had a knee injury at a tournament this year and was out of commission for about 4 weeks - not fun! I play third base, but have been known to stand in the outfield hoping nothing comes my way. It's funny, I am fine playing the infield with balls coming at me at incredible speed at close range; it's the long hit ball drifted into the outfield that kind of freaks me out.

I play with the Markham Vets in the Markham Women's Slo-Pitch League. I also played for the Don Valley SPL and the York University SPL as well. I have been playing since 1994 and love it. They call me Pinky - because of my pink cleats and metallic pink shin guards that remind everyone of the Power Rangers.

This picture was taken at the MIST Tournament, where we came in 2nd. Notice the cute bat boy in the centre of the pic - my Declan!
I am headed to a tournament in the Bahamas on October 23 for a week. Woo-hoo! I am totally jazzed about going. Between the Unionville league and ours, there are 36 women going. No husbands, no boyfriends, no kids!!! Can you say HEAVEN!!!!

We held a euchre tournament Friday night to raise some funds for the trip and it was a successful event. We had loads of fun. Ambrose from the Bahamas Tourist Board came by with two jugs of Bahama Mama mix, a bottle of rum, some t-shirts and pins. If Jane ever makes a drink for prepared!! Whoa! I think there was more rum in mine than mix. That is perhaps why I am looking a little goofy below. Perhaps that is why I won the booby prize for lowest score. After two pints of Coors Light and two Bahama Mamas - my math skills go right out the window.
What's trump again???

Mary and Stephanie

Joan, Paulette and PaulHenry - the big winner of the evening - he looks innocent, but trust cards in his hands are like a weapon!

Cathy and Kim. Cathy was the life of the tournament. She was also a prize winner. If you value your life - never play musical chairs with this woman. Don't let the white hair fool you!

Donna dealing and Suzanne counting cards!

Thanks to all who cam and supported our event!

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