Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Colour Trends Spring 2009

Let's forget the snow, the -16 Celsius temperatures and wind chill.
Let's go to a happy place. A place of renewal and hope for the future.
Let's go SPRING!!!
I present to you the colour trends for Spring 2009.

Can you get excited about these colours? There is something here for everyone! I think I should put this picture on my dart board and let the darts fly - and create something with the colours chosen at random. If you are afraid of colour, that would be an interesting challenge for you.

So I dare you.... randomly pick two or three colours and create something. Send me your pictures. I'll have a special prize for some lucky fan out there!

As soon as I saw this colour chart, the Midnight Sky, Aquarium and Electric Teal jumped right out at me. They made me think of ....

The Candy Apple, Chili and Tangerine combine together and become....


Fire Opal is one of my favourite bead colours.

Print the chart out and take it with you on your next bead excursion. Or print it out and look your stash and see what you have that proves you are more fashion forward than you thought.

All beads and photos courtesy of beadFX. www.beadfx.com

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