Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Dixon Chick... Live at Bead Junction

What a fun filled day I had with the gang at Bead Junction. If it's ok with the gals there, I think I am going to be spending some more time there. What a beautiful store! Too bad I arrived just in time to teach my class today and had to head out immediately as my son was picking me up so we could go to the Marlies game vs the Chicago Wolves. I could have spent HOURS looking at all the pretty beads!! And I think I will tomorrow! I am teaching the crochet earrings course and will definitely set aside some time to browse to my heart's content.
Danielle, Denise and Anne
Anne, Leda and Helen
Denise finished first!!!

Christine and Stacey

The new kits were a big hit - although I realize now that for beginners, I should keep the beads smaller. I had some big 12-15 mm glass pearls in one kit (Plaid and Pearls) and it was just to big. Luckily, Anne decided to make three necklaces out of the six strands that she crocheted.

The incredibly talented Patricia Huff

I was blessed with a great group of women for my inaugural class at Bead Junction. A big thank you goes out to Anne, Denise, Danielle, Stacey, Christine, Helen and Leda. It was so much fun to spend the afternoon with you. Christine ended up creating two necklaces out of the Santa Fe kit of turquoises and browns. She was a riot! She took the class to make the necklace for her mom's birthday - which is tomorrow. I am glad to announce that she finished TWO necklaces!! So Happy Birthday, Christine's mom!

After the class, my son, his father and went to Shoeless Joe's for dinner - I thought I was starving, but Declan was the one who wolfed down a huge Bison Hamburger!

The Marlies game was great - as always - and the beat the Chicago Wolves 3 - 1!! Woo hoo!

I met up with my friends - the Rivietz sisters, Orit and Danyah. You may think that we have a uniform of black quilted jackets and Chanel purses - but it was a fluke!!

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  1. ANY information as to how to find that store would be SO appreciated! I've been over there 2 or 3 times (I don't live in the GTA) and have never.once been able to find it...mind you, there is the guy behind me driving up my butt as I slow to look, and the fact you can't park anywhere, and....and....*g*. Any hints??